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We recommend that you take a look at these products before you begin playing guitar.

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1. Unlocking I-IV-V

Music Theory. If you are considering getting serious about playing the guitar, this product is for you. Having a basis in musical theory will make your ability to play and learn increase at an incredible rate. Learning this guitar theory will help you to learn things such as creating effective progressions that can go a long way. These skills will stay with you forever and can be applied to any form of music, whether it be jazz or rock, guitar or piano. Musical theory will teach you all you need to know about what makes music so beautiful!

2. Guitar Scales Method

Scales. Learning scales can make you stand out to other guitarists and is the easiest way to impress your friends. Scales may seem like such a basic concept, but when applied can be turned into the most beautiful guitar solos. Improvisation could not be easier than scales. When you are freestyling your solo, all you have to do is stay on notes that are within a scale and your solo will soar! Learn these scales and rip some solo's today!

3. Crash Course Guitar Lessons

Lessons. If you want to skip all of the trouble of having to teach yourself, why not learn from the pro's? As far as guitar lessons go, this is the best of the best. They make their lesson simple to understand and they move at a comfortable speed so that the skills you learn are being perfected while you learn new skills. They use methods that make learning guitar seem almost effortless. Skip all of the frustration and take these guitar lessons now!

4. Learn Guitar Quick

Effeciency. If you are looking to get good at guitar fast and want to put in as little time as possible, then this product is for you. Learn how to play guitar faster than ever before. This fast moving program will have you playing your favorite songs before you know it! If you really want to learn guitar without wasting any time, click the link right now and check out the product!

5.Dan Fissel Custom Music

Original Music Scores for Radio and TV. Jingles, Soundtracks,
Production Beds, as well as Non-Union Voice-Talent.

6. Guitar Jams

Pastor Brad's Christian Metal World.